Posted on Jan 5, 2019

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Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls with Julia

Feb 9, 2019 – Feb 9, 2019
Restore the normal vibratory frequencies of dis-eased and out-of-harmony parts of the body and mind through the sonic waves of Himalayan Singing Bowls. Benefits include deep relaxation, stress reduction, muscle and joint pain relief, lower blood pressure, improved concentration, anti-depression, increased creativity, and heightened intuition as well as other positive healing effects. Experience a deep state of meditation through the healing vibrations of the Himalayan Bowls.

The bowls are from a small village in Nepal fashioned in a tradition that has been passed down through the ages. They are made of a special seven-metal alloy of gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper, and lead. Each metal represents the seven chakras and the seven heavenly bodies. The craftsmen who hand-hammer the bowls chant into them during the process to infuse the bowls with healing intention.

During the group sound healing, the participant will be laying in a supported supine position. Several protocols will be played to facilitate deep healing and relaxation. The bowls will also be played near or on the body. Please wear comfortable and loose clothing without exposed buttons and/or zippers.

Join Julia Abramova
Saturday February 9th
3PM – 5PM
Cost: $35 Early Bird or $45 at the door

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